Show Art: Drawing of Sulh Ensemble from Classical Revolution Louisville

A new young fan drew an awesome picture of Sulh Ensemble during our performance at The Bard’s Town – Classical Revolution Louisville last night!

We played music from Thailand, Armenia, the Xinjiang autonomous region in China, Turkey, and Hungary!


Chayanattha Harnpariphan (Thailand) – ฉันจะฝันถึงเธอ/C̄hạn ca f̄ạn t̄hụng ṭhex “I Will Dream About You”

Khosrovidukht Goghtnatsi (Armenia) – Զարմանալի է ինձ/Zarmanali ē inj (“Wondrous it is to me”)

Osmanjan (Xinjiang/China) – Tengri Tagh Da Baha
“Spring on Tian Shan Mountain” (Tian Shan Zhi Chun/天山之春)

Kemanî Kevser Hanım (Turkey) – Nihavend Longa 

Béla Bartók (Hungary) – Hungarian Folk Melodies Sz. 53 (transcribed for violin and cello by Karl Kraeuter) 

Sulh Ensemble is: 
Isabella ChristensenJamie Colvin – violins
Chelsea GettyJon Silpayamanant – cellos 
Roxell KarrMarkos Miller, Jon Silpayamanant – percussion (dumbek, dap, ching)

Arrangements (other than the Bartok) by Jon Silpayamanant – cellist, composer, multi-instrumentalist

Author: Sulh Ensemble

Sulh Ensemble is a group that plays intercultural music from the Silk Road, South and Southeast Asia, the Mediterranean, and new compositions for ethnic ensembles based in the Greater Louisville/Kentuckiana region. Through concerts, collaborations, and outreach with dancers, composers, and musicians the group is constantly exploring global music genres. Many of the musicians of Sulh are active as teachers, producers, advocates, and practitioners of the arts of many music and dance traditions from around the world.